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The pathology therapy regimen will depend on the cause that provoked the appearance of scanty menstruation. The treatment of hypomenorrhea, which has arisen against the background of gynecological diseases, is carried out by a gynecologist. If the disease is caused by endocrine disorders, the gynecologist-endocrinologist is engaged in therapy. Given the causes and severity of the pathological condition, the treatment of hypomenorrhea can be carried out using conservative and surgical methods of exposure. Conservative therapy includes taking antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hormonal, absorbable drugs and performing physiotherapy. With a lack or excess of body weight, its correction is carried out. Vitamin complexes are prescribed according to the phases of the menstruation cycle.

Surgical treatment of hypomenorrhea is aimed at dissecting intrauterine adhesions by hysteroscopy. Is it possible to get pregnant with hypomenorrhea. By themselves, scanty menstruation does not lead to infertility, since they are a manifestation of pathological processes in the reproductive system. Usually, hypomenorrhea is accompanied by a decrease in estrogen levels, which provokes ovulation disorders and problems with conception.

There is still a chance of getting pregnant with scanty menstruation. The smaller the amount of menstrual flow, the lower the chance of fertilization. To buy omeprazole pills the possibility of conception with hypomenorrhea, you need to consult a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination. Taking into account the cause of the pathology, the doctor will develop an individual treatment strategy aimed at resuming reproductive and menstrual functions. The appearance of scanty blood secretions during gestation is not hypomenorrhea. This is a sign of a threatened miscarriage, upon detection of which you need to urgently contact a gynecologist.

Complications and prognosis of hypomenorrhea. A decrease in the amount of menstrual flow can provoke the development of the following complications. Lack of excitability (frigidity), decreased sexual desire. With timely and well-chosen treatment, the prognosis of hypomenorrhea is favorable. During the period of sexual formation (the formation of the menstrual cycle) or the premenopausal period, a decrease in the volume of menstrual flow is considered the norm and speaks of natural age-related changes.

The appearance of hypomenorrhea in the reproductive period is a sign of serious pathologies occurring in the body. In such a case, you need to buy prilosec online a comprehensive examination to establish the causes of scanty menstruation and begin appropriate treatment. Therefore, when detecting the first manifestations of hypomenorrhea, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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  • This article is posted for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is scientific material or medical advice and can not serve as a substitute for in-person consultation with a professional doctor.
  • For diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment, please contact qualified doctors!
  • Treatment for hypomenaree depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, therapy is not required.
  • This is a condition associated with a violation of various functions of omeprazole online and organs of the female body.

With the appearance of this pathology, only 25% of women are diagnosed with seriousdiseases that require treatment. Basically, such changes are associated with causes that do not pose a threat to life and health. Such conditions do not need therapy and go away on their own. In this case, the menstrual cycle is normalized.

Hypomenorrhea is a violation of menstruation, characterized by a decrease in the volume of menstrual flow. In a simple way, such a pathology is called meager menstruation.

Sometimes hypomenorrhea can be a consequence of pregnancy. To order omeprazole the true cause of the development of this condition, you need to contact a doctor. There are several signs of hypomenorrhea. But the main one is the nature of menstrual flow. In the presence of this pathology, menstruation takes the form of prilosec pills of blood. Because of this, women notice only dark or light brown marks on the hygiene product or underwear.

Often, the pathology is almost asymptomatic, with the exception of a decrease in the amount of blood released. If scanty bleeding appeared after the age of 40, this may indicate premenopause. This condition of the female body can be recognized by the following symptoms. If a woman has a concomitant gynecological disease, along with scanty blood secretions, the corresponding pathology symptoms will appear.

There are several causes of hypomenorrhea. Conventionally, they are divided into two groups. physiological and pathological. Doctors say that hypomenorrhea is not a pathology, but only a symptom of a developing disease or a functional failure in the female body. Physiological changes may appear during adolescence during the formation of the menstrual cycle. A similar condition can develop at the onset of menopause, as well as during breastfeeding. Among the pathological causes, the following diseases are distinguished.

  • Also, the cause of hypomenorrhea is premature menopause.
  • Sometimes hypomenorrhea occurs after Duphaston, as well as when using other hormonal medications that have an antiestrogenic effect.
  • Infection of the internal reproductive organs during intrauterine intervention, the formation of adhesions inside the uterus can also provoke meager periods.
  • This symptom can also be observed due to improper selection of hormonal contraceptives.